Dear married man

Dear married man Leave me alone I am not a fantasy I am living human being Who cares who has feelings You can't just come to me And use me as an escape From the miserable life You've built for yourself A place you don't have the guts To quit. Therefore blaming the world And [...]


She is there, this magazine staring at her. She takes it, unconvinced she would learn anything. She goes through some pages. #Horoscope #Leo page . They said sex was her drive in life The way she expressed herself and her creativity They said the planets would send her 2 types of men One who would be there [...]

In that train

I remember the 1st time our eyes met Like it was yesterday In this train The way you were staring at me At first I felt uncomfortable The second day I noticed your lips Daydreaming of our first kiss The third I noticed your hands Imagined your touch on my breast The fourth all my [...]